Historic Marker Program

Bradford County Historic Marker Process

The Bradford County Commissioners have recognized the need to mark historic people, places, and events of significance in Bradford County and have therefore implemented a historic marker program. This program will be managed by the Bradford County Historical Society and each year applications will be accepted and reviewed for designation of markers as resources permit.

  • Any individual or group may nominate a subject for historical marker designation.
  • The nomination must be clear and organized and include documentation and verification of the facts claimed.
  • The person, place, event or organization, or innovation to be marked had a significant impact on its times and has local or regional, historic significance.
  • The subject to be marked has a significant connection to Bradford County.
  • An Historical Marker cannot be approved for a living person.
  • Places listed on the National Register of Historic Places and/or recognized as National Historic Landmarks will not be summarily approved for Bradford County designation because the approval criteria for those designations are different.
  • Places of worship and cemeteries are eligible for designation.

Nominating People

When nominating an individual and their historic significance, consider what innovations an individual being nominated has made and what the impact was.

Nominating a Place

In addition to the general questions listed above, consider what changes in policy or practice were begun there.

Nominating an Event

In addition to the general question listed above, consider how the event fits into the context of a larger movement or philosophy.

The nomination must be accurate and supported with documentation. Here are some suggestions.

  • Three or four supporting documents are recommended.
  • Newspaper articles can be useful
  • Letters of support can accompany the nomination, those from experts are helpful.
  • Bibliography
  • From which publications/sources did you obtain your information.

Note: The Bradford County Historical Society will be happy to help you search their files for documentation.


  • Describe the proposed marker site
  • If the proposed location is in a town or borough, or neighborhood please provide the corresponding street address or the closest intersection.
  • If the marker is suggested for the placement inside a park, specify the exact location within the park.
  • If the proposed marker is in a rural area, please provide the Highway route number and the nearest town and approximate distance.
  • Please provide a photograph of the proposed marker site.

Application Should Include

  • Nomination
  • Supporting Details
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